Revolutionising recruitment across the hair industry
hairdresser / barber

Hairdresser / Barber

Have you ever found your ideal job hard to come by?

Has your need for employment forced you into a short term option?

  • Search through job opportunities which match your profile criteria.
  • Have opportunities beamed straight to your home-screen.
  • Possess a profile that can been shared across various media platforms that displays all that you have to offer.
salon / barbershop

Salon / Barbershop

Have you ever struggled to recruit exactly what you need?

Has a lengthy search come at a cost to your business?

  • Salon Beeline can offer you a library of hairdressing and barbering profiles to browse through based on specific search criteria. Allowing you to find exactly what it is you need.
  • Beam your job opportunities directly to the closest matched individuals.
  • Have a profile, that has all of your information and photo gallery, that's searchable on any search engine.

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Whether you're a Salon/Barbershop or a Stylist/Barber - you'll want a Salon Beeline profile. Setting up a profile is easy and gives you the perfect platform to showcase your skills.

Stylists/Barbers - Let us know what you can do, tell us all about yourself, your qualifications and showcase your skills in your photographic portfolio.

Salons/Barbershops - Tell potential clients all about your salon/barbershop. Where are you? What do you offer? When are you open?

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Shout About Your Profile

Once you've set up your profile you'll want to shout about it.

Stylists/Barbers - Your Salon Beeline profile is the perfect way to showcase your professional life. Share your profile link directly with clients or via social media.

Keep your personal life personal, and your professional life professional. No embarassing photos of last weekend or personal comments - just your hard work doing the talking.

Salons/Barbershops - Your profile will be published and made available through all major search engines. Make yourself visible to more potential clients and sit back knowing that a revolution in recruitment is coming your way early 2016!

Get started on you Salon Beeline Profile

Why is Salon Beeline needed?

Get started on you Salon Beeline Profile

The recruitment process within the hair industry has long been a frustration with traditional recruitment websites failing to address the specific requirements of the industry.

With a true desire to refine the process, to make it as specific, yet simple as possible, was conceived.

Currently in Phase 1 - we're now getting Salons, Stylists & Barbers on board creating their own profiles ready for the exciting next phase!

Phase 2, due early 2016, will enable both parties to search for potential matches using a search tool that lets them filter results based on their specific requirements, simplifying and speeding up the recruitment process from both sides.