About Salon Beeline

What is it?

Salon Beeline is the first profile based website that can provide a direct route between salons, stylists and barbers to connect with each other. The aim is to make the employment process easier to navigate, more direct and more streamlined. In the first person with no middle man.

Salon Beeline enables a salon/barbers, or stylist/barber, to search for a more desirable employee, or employer, based on various, selected, criteria using an easy to use, but extensive, search engine.

This selected criteria will allow a potential searcher to link themselves to the best suited job opportunity, or potential employee, within their chosen area.

Motivation and Conception

When searching for staff or jobs within the hair industry, a common problem seems to invariably occur. Where can I find the person that I need? With the skills I need? Right now? Or, where can I find that specific job where I can utilise my skill set to its full potential? These are some of the problems that one of our founders, Mark, encountered during the 10 years he’s been working in the hair industry. Both as a stylist/barber (when seeking employment) and as a salon/barber manager (when looking to bolster his workforce).

Mark observed "The main issue with the latter was that so many members of the industry are dispersed over a vast spectrum of recruitment outlets, all of which came at great expense”. Finding that important piece in the employment puzzle costs time. Time costs money. An issue on both sides of the conundrum. This is without considering the expense of exhausting all of these avenues.

"When I was deep into my search for an employee" continues Mark, "it dawned on me just how long it was taking. When I finally found that person, it became clear that the experience and level of skills were not up to scratch and thus, the search continued on”. During this time the salon was short of staff and the person, along with their custom, had moved on and both parties were left out of pocket.

So what if you could find the person that you needed with the exact skills that you need? With both looking for and offering the same employment terms and having the industry experience required? Instead of just using a trade test, what if you could look through a gallery of their work? A portfolio of sorts. They are looking for employment, you are looking to employ and both of you are located in the same locale. That works for both parties.

The idea for Salon Beeline was conceived to ease this frustration and be the answer to all of the above questions. To be the evolution of the recruitment site for the hair industry.