How do I get started?

Right now we're a busy bunch of bees putting the finishing touches on our site.

You can Register your interest now though, and we'll drop you a line as soon as we're ready for you!

How much will it cost me to sign up?

In the interim, there is no charge for for Salon Beeline and all of the features that are offered. (Is there a price to put on recruiting exactly what you're looking for?)

Why do I need Salon Beeline?

Searching for a salon, stylist or barber that suit your employment needs relies on many factors. If you could find your match with a few clicks of a button, without trawling through CV's our Job Adverts, why wouldn't you need Salon Beeline?

Who do I contact about recruiting/being recruited?

The benefit of Salon Beeline is that there is no 'middle man'. Although the site is managed and maintained by professionals, the beauty is that this is the beeline between prospective employers and employees.

Can I post my job vacancies on Salon Beeline?

The short answer would be "no". The mission of Salon Beeline is to look for a place where there is no need to post a vacancy and sit and wait for people to reach out to you. Its goal is efficiency and aiming for instant results in the employment process. That said, we will be offering you the ability to notify matching Stylists/Barbers of your vacancies via email if your requirements are urgent.

How do I advertise on Salon Beeline?

We're currently open to discussion with potential advertising partners. If you have a query please feel free to Contact us.